24/04 – Final Adcept

Based on Feedback from┬áthe Mid-term submission the final supporting board (below) takes a totally new approach with very basic and only essential details on what the product does. How it does it was seen as not a nessacary part for an Ad-cept – its all about making someone want it for it features, they might not really care ‘how’ it does it.   The final work i did for the module was creating the 3 screens you can see below which make up the app interface for the product. The app does a good job of filling in the gaps … Continue reading 24/04 – Final Adcept

23/03 – Last Meeting w/ Farnaz

We all took our photoshop product renders and talked through them with Farnaz. We evaluated the products as group and put them on a scale of form from most geometric to most dynamic. We agreed that some variation in the group was good and it was nice to have the change in dynamic depending on the iterations with the products. Farnaz was concerned that a lot of our concepts involved more than one part and this would be too much workload. We discussed low fidelity parts on the pieces that were least significant. For mine this was the outside of … Continue reading 23/03 – Last Meeting w/ Farnaz

21/03 – Meeting with Paul Josse

I took the photo render of my product to Paul to ask him about making the model. He said: the case and tray can be CNC’ed and the tag can be turned The hinge should not be real, it can be blue tacked to avoid chipping the paint the details on the case will have to be milled afterwards It will take a week just to do all the detailing and finishing   Continue reading 21/03 – Meeting with Paul Josse