23/03 – Last Meeting w/ Farnaz

We all took our photoshop product renders and talked through them with Farnaz. We evaluated the products as group and put them on a scale of form from most geometric to most dynamic.

We agreed that some variation in the group was good and it was nice to have the change in dynamic depending on the iterations with the products.

Farnaz was concerned that a lot of our concepts involved more than one part and this would be too much workload.

We discussed low fidelity parts on the pieces that were least significant. For mine this was the outside of the case. We agreed that the case should not be detailed just an overall form but the tag should be detailed and high quality.

We also decided that making 3 of the exact same tag was not nessacary for the hand-in and one would be enough.

Overall the meeting was encouraging as the workload was made more manageable. it was nice that Farnaz knew we had a lot to do and gave this as an option.

I felt it would be a shame that the photos of the product might not be as impactful with a low fidelity piece and with only one tag but i knew that it was the right decision as my time would be so restricted otherwise.





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