24/04 – Final Adcept

Based on Feedback from the Mid-term submission the final supporting board (below) takes a totally new approach with very basic and only essential details on what the product does. How it does it was seen as not a nessacary part for an Ad-cept – its all about making someone want it for it features, they might not really care ‘how’ it does it.


The final work i did for the module was creating the 3 screens you can see below which make up the app interface for the product. The app does a good job of filling in the gaps about how the product might work. For example, the middle screen is the user unlocking and assigning details to the tag to list it as an available item.

the 3rd screen shows in more detail how the GPS might work allowing you to see where you lent-out items might have gone.

Screen 1 shows how you can keep track on your interactions with different ‘borrowers’ and track how the payments and deposits are going.


Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 23.22.41.png

Board 2Liv_Boards_Final


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